(DOB: 2022/11/24, Nationality: USA)

"My SINOGENE Adventure: Bella and Jasmine"

As an animal lover, life was made significantly more vibrant by my cherished Yorkshire Terrier, Cupcake. However, as the inevitable circle of life continued its course, I found myself contemplating the irreplaceable absence of my beloved companion. In my quest to seek a solution, I discovered SINOGENE, a pioneer in the field of pet cloning. And, although a somewhat unconventional choice, I am here today to express my profound gratitude and endorsement for this extraordinary team and their groundbreaking work.

The cloning process, understandably, is intricate and quite challenging to navigate. However, the team at SINOGENE was a constant beacon of support, illuminating every step of the journey. Their consistent communication provided clarity amidst a situation that could easily be tangled in logistics and uncertainty. At every milestone, the SINOGENE team was there, ensuring I was informed, involved, and comfortable with the progress.

The value of this process cannot merely be quantified in monetary terms. For me, the ability to have a part of Cupcake rekindled in Jasmine was priceless. Undeniably, the financial investment was substantial, but the joy of seeing Cupcake's mirror image prancing around once again? Worth every penny.

The SINOGENE team didn't work in isolation. Michigan State University's Small Animal Clinic collaborated with me to support the cloning process. It was an unanticipated, yet delightful fusion of science and compassion, a unity of purpose that was heartwarming to witness.

From the onset, I was adamant about a particular aspect of this venture - I wanted not only to welcome back Cupcake in the form of Jasmine but also to embrace the surrogate mother, Bella, into my home. As a Beagle, Bella was a whole new canine experience for me. I had my reservations initially, but any trepidation quickly evaporated. Bella was a dream, sweet and appreciative. The bond she formed with Jasmine was immediate and unbreakable, they became inseparable, literally.

In my home now, I have two dogs, each bringing their unique brand of love and companionship. Jasmine, a genetic clone of my dear Cupcake, and Bella, the wonderful Beagle and Jasmine's birth mother. Both are incredibly healthy and playful, their antics a source of endless entertainment. The joy they bring to my family is boundless, their companionship a precious gift.

Jasmine and bella.png

Sinogene is a leading pet cloning company and we recognize the unbreakable bond between the pet and owner. However, that bond may be disrupted due to the loss of a dear pet. Sinogene stands for Hope and Commitment and our actions create a positive impact on society.
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