If the Original Cat and the New Cat Fight Each Other, How to Deal with This Problem?

Q: Hi, doctor. My new cat is fighting with the original one. How can this be solved?

A: How long has the new cat been brought to home? Are the two cats in direct contact?

Q: Almost a week since I took it home. I seperated them for a week or so. Today I thought it was the right time for them to see each other, but they still picked a fight. I want to ask for some ways to alleviate the situation.

A: Regarding the problem of two cats fighting, mostly, it is caused by insufficient living resources, followed by unfamiliar odors. When two cats are in isolation, they need to be familiar with each other's odor, step by step, and you can use products such as pheromones to promote familiarity between the two cats.

In addition, in terms of living resources, there must be sufficient food, litter boxes, and playing facilities and so on. Each cat needs to have a certain area for its own activities. Food bowls, water bowls, and litter boxes should be placed separately as much as possible. Try not to let them eat side by side, close to each other, this will create a sense of urgency for them, which is easy to cause overeating or loss of appetite. If they are fighting at present, it is recommended to extend the isolation time appropriately so that they can get used to each other for a longer time.

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