Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Although many people think that they have the smartest dogs in the world, that is not true. There are many different breeds of dogs in this world, each of which has different personality traits. Intelligence and obedience are the qualities that nature endows dogs with. In his book "The Wisdom of Dogs", Dr. Stanley Cowen believes that the intelligence of dogs is determined by the golden standard. Here are the 10 smartest dogs. They understand the new command in less than 5 repetitions and be the first ones to obey the command within 95% of the time.

 Dog cloning has also become a topic of interest, with advancements in genetic technology allowing for the replication of beloved pets.

No.10 Australian Cattle Dog: The stubbornness, charm and endurance of the Australian cattle dog can tame even the most disobedient livestock, and it can also be stubborn against human beings. However, with its master's good training, it is also a loyal dog that loves its companions and protects human beings.

No. 9 Rottweiler: Its strong personality can only be tamed by a master or coach with the same strong personality. It likes children very much, but it can also attack a stranger. Although training Rottweiler is a very troublesome thing, however, your patience will be greatly rewarded.

No. 8 Papillon: It is one of the oldest breeds in Europe, loved by nobles. The ears of this dog are very similar to the wings of butterflies. For decades, this breed of dog has been the favorite of aristocratic women. It is said that French Queen Marie Antoinette likes papillons very much.

No. 7 Labrador retriever: Labrador retriever's personality and its love for water is very similar to the otter. Labrador retriever is loyal, generous, honest, gentle, sunny, cheerful, highly intelligent and friendly to people.

No. 6 Shetland sheepdog: Although it is originated in the Scottish Islands in Europe, it is also very rare there. It is very similar to the rough Su Mu, however, there is no connection between them. Therefore, the shetland sheepdog is a very mysterious species but also very cute.

No. 5 Doberman: Doberman is an animal with noble appearance and noble manners, and also an effective "bodyguard" of its owner's property. In many movies, it is portrayed as an aggressive protector who will attack intruders without hesitance.

No. 4 Golden Retriever: For many people, Golden Retriever is the most beautiful and friendly dog in the world. It loves its owner very much. Although it is similar to Labrador, it has a more delicate figure and longer hair. Its swimming skill and high IQ enable Golden Retriever to play well with human beings.

No. 3 German Shepherd Dog: German Shepherd Dog comes from Germany. At first, it was trained as a shepherd dog. Later, it was widely used as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, shepherd dogs, ornamental dogs and domestic pet dogs because of its strong working ability.

No. 2 Poodle: Many people think that poodle is very delicate. This kind of dog is very smart and friendly. Its elegant walking and noble hair make many people like to keep a poodle as a pet.

No. 1 Border Collie: Border Collie comes from the Scottish border. It is intelligent in nature, good at observing people's feelings, and can communicate well with human beings. It is also very loyal to its owner and gentle in personality. It was once the most popular pet.

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