Cloned Police Dogs Are Getting A Lot of Attention at the Expo

In November 2020, Sinogene was invited to participate in the 10th China International Exhibition on Police Equipment.


China International Exhibition on Police Equipment is the only police equipment exposition approved by the Central Government and hosted by the Ministry of Public Security. The exposition has become the most influential and authoritative police equipment exposition in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region, representing the highest level of China's police equipment industry.


The exhibition showcases the latest achievements of China's police development, brings together the world's advanced police equipment and technology, and becomes an important platform to promote the development of domestic police equipment and promote international police exchanges and cooperation, which draws broad attention domestically and internationally.


Relying on its mature and leading animal cloning technology, Sinogene was lucky to carry out application research on police dog cloning and related technologies with the criminal Investigation Department in 2019 depending on the cooperation mechanism between police and enterprises, and the results were impressive.


In August 2019, the first batch of six police cloned dogs were born successively, achieving world's first single birth of four working dogs and solving the bottleneck problem of low birth rate and high cloning cost in the application of somatic cell cloning technology in the cloning of working dogs.


After the birth of cloned dogs, the Criminal Investigation Department innovatively established a complete training system for the early and late training of cloned dogs. In the continuous comparative study of cloned dogs and naturally bred dogs, it was found that the indicators related to the police performance of cloned dogs were superior to those of naturally bred dogs. Somatic cell cloning technology can shorten the training time, improve the training rate and excellence rate, and effectively reduce the elimination rate.


In the exhibition, three cloned police dogs also came to the scene to participate in the display and interaction. They received a lot of attention from the public.


Batch cloning police dogs with excellent working performance can greatly reduce the screening cost of police dogs, improve the success rate of excellent police dog training, and quickly form an elite team of police dogs. Police dog cloning technology has been highly concerned by the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security, in the future we will make efforts to further provide the best quality service for public security undertakings by leveraging our own technical advantages.

Sinogene is a leading pet cloning company and we recognize the unbreakable bond between the pet and owner. However, that bond may be disrupted due to the loss of a dear pet. Sinogene stands for Hope and Commitment and our actions create a positive impact on society.
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