What Happened to the Newborn Kitten Suddenly Starting to Spit Up Milk?

Q: Hello, doctor. I have a pregnant stray cat and it gave birth to five kittens. The kittens are now about four weeks. Two of them suddenly started vomiting up three to five times a day. At first I thought they took milk too fast, but today I deliberately separated the two kittens with strong symptoms from the mother cat. They still vomit once or twice without drinking milk, but they would vomit less than after drinking milk. What's wrong?

A: How is the mental state of the kittens now? Have you ever ever had them screened for infectious diseases? If there is vomiting, then you need to take infectious diseases into consideration. In addition, parasite infection may also be a cause vomiting in kittens. The most common infection stage, like cat plague, is very common in kittens that have not been fully immunized for one to four months.

Q: Right now their spirit and appetite are quite good, they just vomit, is it related to drinking too fast?

A: You separate the two kittens at home, use a breastfeeder, and try to feed some goat milk powder plus probiotics to see if it is relieved. If they are in good spirits and have an appetite, you can feed a small amount of milk several times first to see if drinking too quickly. If they continue to vomit, you must consult a doctor in time. Long-term vomiting can cause dehydration, which is very dangerous. Especially to kittens, it is easy to cause compensatory problems, which can even cause life-threatening problems.

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