Demystify the Body Language of Cats

1. Cat owners should learn to understand the cat's body language

In order to cultivate cats to develop a good living habit, owners usually train young cats. For example, train them to excrete in a fixed place, or train them to stand, sit and do other actions. These training teach cats to develop many good habits. When you give instructions, the cat will quickly understand what you want to express and will quickly follow your instructions. But apart from these training movements, how much does the owner know about the cat's body language? Cats will also have some small movements at home, such as erecting their tails, raising their buttocks, etc. Does the owner know what the cat wants to express?

2. Demystify the body language of cats

(1) When the cat is lying lazily, its eyes are narrowed into a line, and it will gently wipe its face and ears with its paws, and when the whole body is stretched, it means that the cat is in a very relaxed and calm mood now.

(2) When the cat is standing, the tail is straight, and the tip of the tail is shaking constantly, the pupils are dilated, and the head is raised for a long time, it means that the cat is greeting you, and it is very happy, so you can go and hug it.

(3) When the cat wants to act coquettishly with you, the cat will always surround you and rub against you with its body and head.

(4) When the cat is full, it will wipe its mouth with its paws, lick the soles of its feet, and then wag its tail.

(5) When the cat is frightened and angry, it will lower its body and open its mouth wide, exposing its teeth and claws, as if preparing to attack.

(6) When the cat is reprimanded by the owner or bullied and defeated by other cats, it will droop its ears and curl up into a ball, indicating that it has surrendered and lost.

(7) When the cat likes to exercise, it means that the cat's spirit and mood are not bad. The owner can have fun with the cat or take it for a walk outdoors, which will enhance the relationship between people and pets.

(8) When the cat sees you, it likes to circle around your feet, or lick you with its tongue, expressing its friendliness to you and treating you as a partner.

(9) When the cat is in danger and wants to issue a warning, it will not make a sound, the eyes will become very sharp, and the ears will be very low.

(10) When the cat's warning still does not relieve the danger, it will further warn, the whiskers start to rise, the ears are lower than the beginning, and the eyes are firm and sharper, as if preparing to attack.

(11) When the cat encounters something confusing, it will also be confused and full of thoughts. Its ears will droop forward, the pupils will be dilated, the eyes will be dull, the beard will be drooping, and it will look full of melancholy.

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