The Best Time to Store Your Cells is Right Now!

More and more people in our lives are choosing to let their pets fill their free time and the spiritual void. Especially in the face of such a special epidemic in recent years, we have more time to get along with them. Most of them are common breeds, with no royal bloodlines and superior intelligence, and some even have a history of wandering. But, because of the word "companionship", everything seems to be beautiful and precious.


The power of companionship


Those who have really spent time with pets will understand that there is something that cannot be measured by pedigree, intelligence or value, and that is companionship. Companionship can make two souls of different species sympathize with each other, make a cold winter night warm, and solace endless pain, and the relationship between humans and animals will gradually become stronger and even purer because of companionship. Of course, on some levels, human society is a complete system built on wealth, so the relationships in human world are more complex than in the animal world. Consequently, many times the value is not measured by the emotions inherent in human nature, but by money and numbers, and because of this, some people who put aside money and only talk about emotions will be questioned. However, some people can not help but regret, because the true emotions carry a bad name.


Choose cell preservation


However, strong emotions cannot violate the rules of life. The life of a pet is short, and birth, aging, decay, illness and death may be in the future or in the next second. In order to avoid accidents, choosing pet cell preservation is by far the best way. Pet cell preservation is the preservation of substances that contain pet genes, because genes are the reason for the existence of all biological phenomena, and are also an intrinsic factor in determining the health of life.

Sinogene has a dedicated genetic repository to preserve your pet's active cells. This involves extracting two small pieces of skin in the size of a green pea from the inner thigh of a pet, followed by the establishment of a cell line in the laboratory at Sinogene. The activity of these living cells is suppressed at low temperatures, thus entering a dormant state that can be preserved for a long time. Even if the cells are revived after a few decades, they can still be kept alive. In the future, these living cells can be used for cell therapy and cloning, which is the pet cell preservation service of Sinogene. Today's pet cells are better than tomorrow, so the best time to store them is now!

Once, a dog owner in Yunnan called us and said that his dog died at home because of disease. According to the instruction of our staff, he first refrigerated the dog's body down first. However, affected by the national epidemic, although the nutrient solution can be sent to the customer's home in the nearest area, the cold chain transportation personnel always cannot be contacted. As a result, there was a delay in sending the sample back to the laboratory, and the success rate of cell preservation also naturally decreased, but the dog owner still decided to give it a try, After all, whether it is excellent or not, it is a unique existence in the world for himself. Its genes, its personality, its looks, cannot be replaced by anything else.

However, not all of the many cases in which we have done cell preservation and pet cloning have always turned out the way pet owners wanted. In dealing directly with many pet owners, we have learned that regrets often occur for several reasons:

1. Do not know the existence of cloning and pet cell preservation technology at first, and it is too late when they know it.

2. Although the pet was found to be sick, there was a delay or fluke mentality. Therefore, owners did not preserve the cell in time. Wait until the pet died and the cells have become diseased before remembering that preservation should have been done earlier.

3. Wrong method of preserving the remains, resulting in complete loss of cell activity.


Many studies have shown that the younger the animal is, the better its cell status and the stronger its proliferative capacity. Although older pet somatic cells can be preserved, the cell viability may be poorer. Therefore, taking skin to establish a cell line is suitable when it is younger, so that the established somatic cell line has better cell viability. It should be reminded that, through many practical experiences, after the death of a cat, the cells lose their activity much faster than those of a dog, so cell preservation after the death of a cat often leads to unsuccessful establishment of cell line, and it is recommended to take samples when the cat is alive.


Sinogene is a leading pet cloning company and we recognize the unbreakable bond between the pet and owner. However, that bond may be disrupted due to the loss of a dear pet. Sinogene stands for Hope and Commitment and our actions create a positive impact on society.
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