Technical Information

Keep in mind that cloning does not modifies your pet ‘s genetic makeup nor change your pet's DNA.

Cloning is the process by which an entire organism is reproduced from a single cell taken from the parent organism into a genetically identical manner. This means the cloned pet is an exact duplicate in every way of its donor; it has the same exact DNA.

Cloning an animal is a common way in which animals basically cloned by the way of "somatic nuclear transfer" in order to generate a feasible seed from egg cells and body cells. This consists of taking an oocyte (egg cell) and inserting a donor nucleus, which is used in both reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

This egg is then artificially stimulated to start developing into an embryo and placed into a surrogate mother animal.

Technological Solution

This is based on some technological solution.

This is the process to create a cell from a single cell, this process is simple and requires process inoculation of a suitable the cell cultures, a case from animals cloning a cell is a difficult task.

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