Fun Facts for You to Know More About Cats

1. The Ragdoll, with a calm temperament, is the largest breed among cats, weighing up to 9 kilograms.

2. A female cat can give birth to 100 kittens in her lifetime. Theoretically, they can have up to 420,000 baby cats within seven years.

3. The surface of each cat's nose has a unique texture, just like a human fingerprint.

4. The cat's heart rate is twice that of yours, reaching 110-140 beats per minute, and the cat's normal breathing is between 20-40 beats per minute.

5. Domestic cats walk with their tails upright, which is unique; wild cats keep their tails horizontal or tucked down.

6. The cat has 290 bones and 517 muscles. It has 5 more spine bones than that of humans. The shoulder blades bulge from the spine when they walk, which is the same for lions and tigers when they walk. The flexible wrist bones on the forelimbs of cats are as dexterous as human wrists, enabling cats to catch prey even if they cannot access the hiding place, or to stand on tiptoes and walk freely on the fence.

7. When the cat is resting, the muscles on the palm can automatically retract the paw; and by bending the Achilles tendon, the paw can also be stretched out, briskly and immediately.

8. In a cat's tail, a section of tail bones is neatly arranged.

9. When the cat walks, it will step the front and rear legs on the right side first, and then the two on the left side.

10. Never feed cats dog food. Cats need 5 times more protein than dogs.

11. "Licking bath" is quite time-consuming. Most cats sleep for about 16 hours a day. When cats are awake, they spend about 1/3 of their time on self-cleaning.

12. The cat's spine is super flexible and has soft muscles, so the cat will feel equally comfortable whether it is curling up in a ball, burying the nose under the tail, or lazily pulling the body into a straight line.

13. The cat can twist flexibly like a snake and rotate 180 degrees in mid-air. If the cat is unlucky and falls from a height of 60cm, it can turn its body over. The vertical jump height can reach 5 times the height of its body.

14. Cats are more willing to befriend humans than other animals. Cats are solitary animals and have a strong sense of territoriality. Therefore, there are territorial disputes among cats, while such disputes do not exist between cats and human. Moreover, cats react more strongly to women than men because the frequency of women's voices is higher than that of men.

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