Keep the Family Complete As Before, Cloned Dogs Are Coming into Our Life

The pet industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and it has also attracted more people to invest in this love-filled industry. The essence of the pet industry is emotional consumption. Customers in this field also have this attribute, focusing on the release and expression of emotions. Many people regard pet dogs as emotional sustenance, and they are more willing to spend time with each other to enhance their feelings. And now a new technology is popular, that is, cloning dogs. Its emotional filling and emotional compensation functions can meet the emotional needs of consumers entering the market. At the same time, cloning dogs also meet the development requirements of the industry and the market. The cloning technology accumulated for decades has reached a level that can repay the society.

What is the emotional function of a cloned dog? This function is based on the similarity between cloned pets and donor pets. The cloned dog, as the name suggests, is a clone of the donor dog. From a technical point of view, a cloned dog is a complete copy of the genetic sequence of the donor one. The cloned animal has exactly the same genome sequence information as the animal from which the donor cells are derived, which means that the cloned dog will share a high degree of similarity with the donor one, even if the cloned dog has no memory of the donor pet dog. The cloned pet will also cause the same emotional fluctuations for owners. Just like the cloned dog "Nini" born in Sinogene, it has been living by the owner's side for a long time instead of the donor pet dog. According to the information disclosed by the owner in the interview, the cloned dog Nini has healed the pain of losing her pet and enables the family to be complete as before, which is her greatest comfort.

Many pet dog owners choose to clone their dogs out of emotional needs, but at the same time they cannot accept the negative effects of cloning their donor pets. In fact, the current cloning technology in Sinogene only requires pet dogs to provide extremely small skin samples. A popular analogy is to use ophthalmic scissors to sample two pieces about the size of sesame seeds. Pet dogs can hardly feel it, and the damage caused by sampling is so small that can be ignored. And this premise of "no harm" is also the reason why many people choose to keep pet cells and then clone dogs. Many people are concerned about the cloned dog life expectancy. In fact, they won't be short-lived as you may think.

Cloning technology is one of the best comforts that technology can bring to human beings. Even if cloned dogs will not inherit memories, it is the pet owners, who retain a lot of fond memories with pets, that need them to ease the pain of parting. Therefore, that's enough for pet owners.

At the same time, as the owners of the cloned dog, they have the opportunity to be with their pets again, and this time, they can raise it in a more scientific way, so as to avoid the cloned dog repeating the bad ending of the "donor pet" and let the pet's future more promising. Is this not a kind of happiness?

Sinogene focuses on animal gene technology from gene testing, gene editing, cell therapy to animal cloning, and realizes the scientific management of the whole process of animal life. It is a commercial pet cloning enterprise with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Sinogene is a leading pet cloning company and we recognize the unbreakable bond between the pet and owner. However, that bond may be disrupted due to the loss of a dear pet. Sinogene stands for Hope and Commitment and our actions create a positive impact on society.
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