What Are the Signs of an Angry Dog?

Dogs are territorial animals. Although most pet dogs are docile, no matter how good-tempered a dog is, sometimes it can get angry. When a dog is angry, it is easy to make aggressive actions!

1. Signs of an angry dog

(1) The pupil is enlarged. When the dog is angry, the eyes will be round, the pupils will be dilated, and the eyes will become very fierce, not as gentle, calm, energetic and excited as usual. If you see your dog's eyes change, you should reassure the dog or stop teasing the dog in time.

(2) Growl in a low voice. When dogs are angry, they often growl in a low voice. This is a kind of warning from dogs, indicating that they are a little angry now, please "you" don't provoke them again, and it's better to stay away from them! If the other party does not understand the meaning of the dog, then the dog will become angry, bark and even attack!

(3) Raise fur on the whole body. Raising fur is a defensive instinct of many animals, and it usually occurs when they are startled or angry. If the dog suddenly stands up when you confront your dog, it means that the dog is ready to defend and attack.

(4) Angry lines on the mouth. When dogs are angry, they often show their teeth and grin, and their mouths will show anger lines, which looks very fierce. This is one of the signs of angry dogs, and it is also a warning. Dogs will also bully the soft and fear the hard, and more dogs will show muscles instead of fighting directly. When the dog is angry, you'd better appease the dog in time to avoid it biting and venting.

(5) Tail wagging. Many people think that wagging the tail is a sign that the dog is happy. In fact, wagging the tail is just a refraction behavior that expresses the active and excited nerves of the dog. Dogs wag their tails and bark when they are angry and alert to their enemies. When encountering a strange dog in this situation, you'd better not approach it casually.

2. What should you do when your dog is angry?

(1) Tighten the dog lease. When the owner encounters the situation that the dog is anger and loses temper, he should tighten the dog leash in time. The leash is a tool to protect the dog and others. When there is a safe distance, it can prevent the dog from attacking!

(2) Reassure the dog in time. When the dog shows signs of anger, the owner should appease the dog in time, use language, toys, snacks to attract the dog's attention, and slowly reduce the emotional state.

(3) Encourage your dog to socialize. Allowing dogs to go out and socialize more and adapt to the social environment will help reduce the dog's sensitivity, better adapt to the urban environment, and help the dog develop a cheerful and tolerant attitude.

(4) Don't take away the dog's beloved things. Dogs have a certain possessiveness, and they will have a certain degree of dominance over their owners, toys and food. Seeing others grab the dog's toy food, the owner should stop it in time to prevent the dog from biting in a hurry.

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