What are the Trivia You Don't Know About Cats?

As a cat keeper who has cats at home, the longer you stay with them, the more you feel that cats have a good appearance and a charming personality. They are independent and have their own dignity and bottom line. Sometimes, cats are reserved while sometimes they are confusing, bringing a lot of fun to our lives. As a qualified cat keeper, we need to constantly learn all about them. So what are the trivia you don't know about cats? 

1. Cats sleep 70% of the day. They sleep for an average of 16 hours a day. Kittens and older cats sleep longer. Some of them sleep more. For example, some cats sleep 23 hours a day, which is not surprising.

2. In 2013, a cat in Mexico participated in the mayor election. This is not surprising. After all, cats are sent to occupy the earth by the their own planet.

3. The longest cat in the world measures 42 inches. Yes, it is the Maine Coon cat.

4. The oldest cat in the world lived for 32 years. A cat named Nutmeg from Newcastleshire, England, passed away at the age of 32, which is equivalent to 144 years old for humans. But you can feel that they are as young as others because they are as cute as before.

5. Cats cannot taste sweetness and have no sense of it. Their  taste buds cannot feel sweetness. Therefore, if a cat is interested in toffee, the fact is that it may be interested in the milky taste in it.

6. The richest cat in the world has inherited a legacy of 12.5 million. After the death of its owner, $12.5 million inheritance was left to the cat in the family.

7. Cats also have dominant hands. Most female cats are right-handed, while most male cats are left-handed. If you don't believe me, you can try with a cat stick to see which paw the cat stretches first.

8. The similarity between cat brain and human brain is as high as 90%. Cats are very smart, which can be seen from the structure of their brains. However, they are very independent and arrogant, so they disdain to express their feelings and often tend to ignore humans.

9. The strongest sense of cats is hearing. Among all the perceptions of the five senses, cats have the strongest hearing, which is four times that of humans. Moreover, their ears can be rotated by 180°, and each ear can be moved independently.

10. Cats have unique nose patterns, just like human fingerprints. Each cat's nose prints are different, so you can use your cat's nose to set and unlock the phone's fingerprint.

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