Why Does the Cat Do the Poop Burying Action Next to the Food?

We often find that when you prepare a good meal, your cat comes over and smells it, and suddenly starts to do the familiar poop burying action. What is the reason for this?

Bury uneaten food

1. To cover up the smell from spreading

Maybe there is a smell in the food that makes the cats feel uneasy and they want to bury it out of instinct. When surviving in the wild, in order to protect their own safety, cats would quickly cover up certain strong smells to avoid attracting predators to this area. This is similar to the reason why cats bury their poop :) But cats not only react this way to something that smells bad. For the smell of human food, different cats have different preferences.


2. Resistance to food changes

Maybe the cat doesn't like the taste of the new food or the location of the bowl. This situation is sometimes seen when the cat has been just given new food or the usual food location is changed.


3. Loss of appetite due to illness

When cats lose their appetite due to some diseases, they may also begin to cover up their food. If there is no change in the environment or diet, cats suddenly start doing so, accompanied by symptoms such as decreased appetite and weight loss, please go to the hospital for further examination.

Bury the food that has been eaten

Storage behavior

Someone find that his cat eats well at the beginning, but suddenly starts to bury in the middle of eating. In fact, this may indicate that the food may be excessive. For food that cannot be eaten at one time, some cats are likely to show instinctive burying actions to hide them. If this happens, you can appropriately reduce the amount of food to feed the cat each time. Behaviorists speculate that this may be related to the food storage behavior of cats, and many cats living in the wild have food storage behaviors.

Although most of the cats just do it perfunctorily and walk away without a second thought, there are still some cute ones who will look for paper towels, small blankets, mats to carefully cover the food:)

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