Some Facts About Cats

1. Cats are actually carnivorous animals. The staple food that humans eat is high in starch, but it is basically useless for them. Moreover, it is best not to feed human food to cats, because the oil and salt content is high, and there are some seasonings, which will cause a great burden on the livers of cats, and long-term consumption will affect their lifespan.

2. Cats cannot drink milk because they are lactose intolerant, and they will have diarrhea after drinking it. Some people can't drink milk either, so don't feed milk to cats. Instead, you can feed goat milk to them. If your baby cats don't have a mother to feed them, you can buy goat milk powder and feed them yourself.

3. If cats lick the fur for a long time, there will be hair balls in the belly. When a certain amount is reached, they will spit it out. Cats raised in rural areas will find some grass to eat on their own, and then induce vomiting by themselves. For domestic cats, you can buy some hairball remedy to feed them, or you can grow some cat grass.

4. Cats are anxious to run outside when they are in estrus, especially female cats, no matter how docile they are, they will be more terrifying in estrus. This is their nature. Therefore, in order to prevent cats from getting lost, it is best to take them for sterilization, and they will be much more well-behaved afterwards.

5. Cats are very afraid of cold. They like to get into bed and sleep on their feet or on pillows in winter.

6. Cat that have been raised for a long time at home and have not been out for a walk are usually very scared when they are taken out for a walk, and they will not dare to move on the ground.

7. Cats' feces are really smelly, so the litter box should be cleaned every day. If you have more than one cat in the house, you may have to prepare an extra litter box. Many cats are unwilling to share the litter box.

8. Cats rub their faces everywhere in order to leave the smell. When the house is full of these smells, cats will feel safe. When cats rub against the owner, it is for them to remember the owner by leaving a scent on him, which is a way to express their love.

9. Lily leaves, pollens and petals may cause kidney failure and even death in cats. Many flowers of the lily family are poisonous to cats. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention and try not to place lilies in the environment where cats live in. Most of these plants are toxic to cats, and some are highly toxic, causing kidney disease and even death.

10. Cats hate water because their hair will become heavier when it is wet. The fur of cats is more difficult to air dry than that of dogs when it gets wet, and cats seem to be very resistant to this feeling of being wet. Water makes cats insecure, so they prefer to let their feet tightly step on the solid ground.


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