Several Common Senses About Dogs

Do you have dogs? There are a lot of basic common senses about dogs. How much do dog owners know about their dogs?

1. Why do dogs become more and more like their owners?

After getting along for a long time, the dog will become more and more like the owner. The dog is actually like the human, who will continue to learn in the process of growing up. After spending a long time with the owner, dogs sometimes will imitate the owner's behavior and demeanor. Dogs even look very similar to their owners, and their personalities are somewhat the same, which are all caused by keeping pets for a long time.

2. Do dogs also have left-handedness?

Dogs are also left-handed and right-handed. If you look closely at dogs, you will find that dogs are also left-handed and right-handed. The easiest way to observe is to watch which leg the dog moves first after getting up, or see which paw the dog often uses, and you can clearly tell the dog is left-handed or right-handed. After this discovery, the dog can be taught some handshake and greeting actions according to the degree of handedness.

3. The consequences of dogs not exercising

In fact, no matter how lazy a dog is, he needs a certain amount of exercise every day. A dog that does not walk for a long time does not have a certain amount of exercise, and the his own immunity will decline, and some aspects such as the dog's hair will also be affected. It will also become timid and overly neurotic in character, which will have a certain impact on both the body and the mind. So be sure to take your dog out for a walk every day, properly train him and reward snacks, and ensure that your dog has the appropriate amount of exercise every day.

4. Can dogs eat rice?

Strictly speaking, dogs can eat rice, but if only white rice is given to dogs, it will also affect the dog's health. After all, white rice is different from professional dog food. Dog food is professionally developed according to the nutritional needs of the dog's growth, which can meet the needs of the dog's growth. Therefore, if the dog eats rice for a long time, it is likely to cause the dog to lack some nutrients and cause some problems. So it is best to feed the dog some professional dog food as the staple food.

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