Do You Know What Abnormal Behaviors of Dogs Mean?

We may ignore some of the dog's daily behaviors, but it is precisely these behaviors that may tell us its health problems. This requires us to discover and give timely treatment. So, do you know what behaviors in the dog's daily life indicate its health problems?

1. Shaking heads constantly

First, shaking heads after bath is normal. Generally, ear inflammation, such as otitis, will cause the dog to feel uncomfortable and make it shake its head frequently. If the time for shaking is long enough and the force is strong enough, the dirt in the ears can be shaken out. Whether there is a problem with the dog's ears can be judged by checking the inner wall of the ear. Normally, the skin inside the dog's ears is pink, and the ear hairs are dry and not sticky, and there is no peculiar smell. If the ears are dirty, there are tan dirty things, and the odor is heavier, then there may be something wrong with it. Usually, as to ear canal inflammation (may be caused by ear mites, or bacterial infection), we can buy ear mites or anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days. If it does not get better, you need to go to a professional pet hospital for treatment.

2. Licking toes

Under normal circumstances, dogs will not lick their toes. If they do, this is probably because their paws are wet for a long time or the toes become inflamed in a cage. If they lick continuously, the bacteria in the saliva will aggravate the infection and even lead to suppuration. It is recommended to carefully check the toes for redness, swelling and inflammation. If there is any redness and inflammation, use iodophor to disinfect them, then apply erythromycin ointment, and wrap the feet with gauze.  In the meantime, put an Elizabethan ring on the dog, so that your dog can't lick the toes. You can buy it in pet hospitals, and you can find it in many pet shops. Please choose the model with a proper size.

3. Licking and biting hair

Usually, they lick and bite the fixed area. In fact, it is not the hair but the skin underneath that they lick and bite. Most of them are infected with skin diseases such as fungi or mites, leading to itching and pain. At this time, the hair should be peeled off to check the skin, and then the symptomatic medicine should be given. Fungi and mites are easy to be diagnosed. If you are novices for keeping dogs, you can go to the pet hospital and ask the veterinarian for more information.

4. Rubbing butts frequently and biting tails

You cannot regard it as a dog's habit. It is probably a disease, such as inflammation of the anal glands caused by long-term non-squeezing of the anal glands, or diarrhea of intestinal dysfunction, which causes the stool to block the anus. If there is a pink prolapse after defecation, it may be anal prolapse or rectal prolapse. Of course, most people can't handle these situations. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in a pet hospital timely. In addition, if the dog is not dewormed for a long time, it will rub its buttocks on the ground.

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