How Many Interesting Dog Facts Do You Know?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people start keeping pets, and dogs have become the first choice.

Dogs are smart, loyal, obedient, cute, and affectionate. Keeping a dog can not only make one happy, but also urge one to exercise. Some dogs can look after the house and courtyard, too. However, keeping a dog is not just about feeding and watering. We need to deal with their urine and feces, take time to exercise and play games with them. Keeping them alive is far from enough. It also requires patience, love and responsibility.

1. The reaction speed of dogs is about 5 times that of humans

Dogs' brains are not as developed as those of human. However, their needs for hunting urge them to evolve strong and developed limbs, which makes their reaction speed fast, reaching 4-5 times that of humans. So if your dog is not obedient, you can teach and correct it appropriately. Because you are its owner, the dog will not resist even if it is beaten. However, if you beat it too hard, the dog will counterattack and we will not be able to react instantly, thus causing great danger. Therefore, don't let your guard down even if it is obedient.

2. An adult dog has 42 teeth

Sometimes when you see a stray dog, you can know its age by counting the teeth: an adult dog has 42 teeth.

Even if the dog is close to adulthood, as long as it is not an adult dog, there are still not 42 teeth. We can judge the approximate age of the dog by the degree of tooth wear.

3. Chihuahua has the most sensitive hearing

Dogs have a delicate sense of smell. In fact, dogs' sense of hearing is also very sensitive, and the most sensitive one is Chihuahua. Although they are small in size and weak in combat effectiveness, they are exceptionally talented and can hear a lot of sound humans cannot hear. Therefore, you can always see it barking inexplicably into the air. In fact, it is not seeing ghosts but hearing an abnormal sound and then barking out of fear. The owner does not need to be afraid.

Another point you need to keep in mind is that, Akitas are greater trouble makers than Huskies in messing up the house. Japanese house insurance includes pet damage, but if you have an Akita at home, the insurance company will not accept it! The reason is that they will definitely lose money without any profits after signing your insurance policy. Although the Akita looks cute, it's more proficient than a husky in messing up your house.

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