Interesting Knowledge About Dogs!

1. Dogs love to circle

Before sleeping, dogs like to step on the cushion to make it into a comfortable shape, then get down in the most comfortable position, which is called arrangement. When pooping, dogs like to follow the direction of the north-south magnetic line of the earth, which is why many dogs circle around before pooping.

2. Dogs' "airplane-wing" ears

Dogs show no hostility and friendliness with their ears backwards. Therefore, a dog with its ears cut off will not be able to make friends. Don't do this please!

3. Dogs dig the ground

After pooping, dogs will use their paws to dig the ground. This is not to bury their droppings, but to occupy the land with the scent glands on their paws. Dogs will use this to prove their strength and ability, and let other dogs passing by know: this is my place, so I am the boss here!

4. Dogs and eyebrows

Although dogs do not have real eyebrows, the muscles in the eyebrow position also change with emotions, expressing the same meaning as that of humans.

5. Dogs eat grass

Eating grass can help digestion! When having poor digestion after eating something bad, the dog will eat grass to help digestion or even vomit, but it does not mean that the dog is looking for herbs.

Have dog owners understood some little knowledge about their dogs? There is more little-known knowledge waiting for us to prepare, if needed, welcome to subscribe us.


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