Do You Know the Top 10 Funniest Dogs in the World?

Dogs are cute and loyal. They have rich feelings and unique personalities. They are the best companion pets for human beings. But besides their cuteness, some dogs are very funny. So do you know the top ten funniest dogs in the world? Additionally, with advancements in technology, pet cloning services have become a fascinating option for pet owners looking to preserve their beloved canine companions.

No.10 Dachshund: Dachshunds are also called "sausage dogs". They are the most popular pets in America with long bodies, bent tails, and short legs. If you see similar costumes, you will definitely find them funny.

No.9 Bull terrier: The uniqueness of the bull terrier lies in its egg-shaped head, which is almost flat and constantly inclines downward at the edge of its terribly-looking nose. They are also popular for their clown-like character.

No.8 Bedlington Terrier: Bedlington Terrier looks like poodles and sheep. This kind of dog is quiet, smart, and cute, and its fluffy appearance adds a unique style to them.

No.7 Chinese crested: Maybe you have seen a remarkable Chinese crested dog in the annual Ugly Dog Contest. This dog with strange hair will make some people giggle.

No.6 Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Dandie Dinmont Terrier has a proper height, short legs and sparse hair. Even though they are outgoing, sweet and friendly, their sparse hair makes people laugh.

No.5 Brussels Griffon: Brussels Griffon is a cute furry puppy, which inspired the Christmas Grinch, but some people say they look like monkeys.

No.4 Bergamasco: Bergamasco is a sheepdog with strange fur. Some people describe it as a dog with dirty braids. Don't be scared by its fur, Bergamasco is a great breed. Just wait and see how this dog runs.

No.3 Puli: Puli is a dog that looks like a mop. They are agile, willful, loyal and fast animals, but they are still unforgettable with their funny looks.

No.2 Mexican hairless dogs: Mexican hairless dogs look quite interesting. When people call out their names, it becomes more funny!

No.1 Neapolitan Mastiff: Neapolitan Mastiff is a big dog about the size of moose, but it behaves like a puppy. It is the type of dog with big, loose wrinkles who underestimates its own big size. Nothing is funnier than watching a big dog jump on a person's lap!

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