Cat's Diet

1. What are the necessary nutrients for cats?

As a carnivore of the same family as the fierce lion, the cat's food is mainly protein-based. Fish and meat account for about 60% of the total food. The foods include chicken, beef, eggs, fish, appropriate dairy products, etc. Others such as liver, butter, dried fish, etc. also contain the necessary nutrients, so they can be mixed into the staple food or fed to the cat as a snack. Two months after birth, kittens eat almost as much as adults do.However, because it is still a child, it is impossible to eat the same amount of food as an adult cat. Therefore, it is recommended to feed it three to four times a day, and then slowly reduce to two times as the cat's meal increases.

The 4 to 6 months after the kitten is born is the growth period, which is the time for bone and muscle growth. So it is necessary to prepare protein-rich food for it. Kittens will eat a lot during this period. To grow, such heat is necessary. Kittens will grow stronger and stronger. It should be noted that it should be fed several times in a small amount. In order to avoid diarrhea, feed them something easy to digest.

They grow up after 6 months of birth. Basically, it is enough to eat two meals a day. The time and place of meals should be stipulated so that it can lead to a regular life. Cats eat as much as an adult's fist. They should be fed in the morning and evening, and the food left over should be cleaned up after eating. If you let them eat at any time, it will lead to obesity. In order to prevent diseases, don't forget to clean the food utensils in time.

2. For various cat foods, please learn their different characteristics

If the cat food is mainly fish, it will cost a lot, so make good use of cat food is more economical and has many nutrients that cats need, which is very convenient.

Cat food can be broadly divided into three types: dry, canned, and semi-cooked. Dry foods are foods that contain essential nutrients. There are beef, chicken, and fish flavors, each of which is crisp and chewy. This kind of food can not only exercise the gums but is also easy to preserve. So if possible, try to use this kind of food as the main food, and pay attention to putting enough water when feeding.Canned foods made from raw materials such as shrimp and fish have many kinds, which are easy to choose from and delicious, so it is more popular with cats than dry foods. But they do not contain all nutrients, so they should be mixed well with dry foods. Cans can be easily stored for a long time, but be aware that they can easily spoil after opening. Half-cooked food is somewhere between dry food and canned food and is suitable for older cats.

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